Sexually Transmitted Infections

STITreatment.co.uk is the place to find all the information you need on STIs, including treatment options and how to get tested. In addition, our service also allows you to safely and discreetly order STI treatments or tests.

The aim of STITreatment.co.uk is not to serve as an alternative to your doctor, but simply to provide an option to people who would prefer the discretion of an online service. The STI tests we recommend are offered by our online partner, who only provides tests that are analysed in a certified laboratory. These tests allow you the freedom to collect a sample at home so you don’t have to visit a doctor or clinic. Once you’ve collected your sample, you can forward it to our partner laboratory in a prepaid envelope for analysis.

All test results are delivered directly to you with the utmost discretion, but if you would like any help or assistance in interpreting these results we’ll be able to help.

If you should require an STI treatment, you’ll be able to order your medication from a recommended online clinic. As most of the medicines recommended to treat these infections are prescription only, you’ll be asked to first complete a consultation online.

All STI treatments are shipped via discreet next-day delivery.

Getting tested

Sexually transmitted infections are incredibly common, but many people aren’t aware that they are infected because of the lack of symptoms STIs often display. For this reason you should consider getting a test if you think that you may have contracted an STI from a partner, even in the complete absence of symptoms. Getting an STI test is also vital if you’ve never taken a test and you are sexually active. It’s usually recommended that you get tested for STIs at least once a year.

If you would rather not go to your GP or GUM clinic, but you would like a diagnosis that you can rely on, you can order a test from TheSTIclinic.com. All the tests are laboratory accredited with the CE certification stamp; you simply need to collect a sample yourself and send it to our laboratory for analysis.

Getting treated

The majority of STIs can be treated successfully with the help of antibiotics. Viral STIs on the other hand cannot be completely cured, but can be effectively managed and forced back into remission with the help of antiviral medications. Most STIs require immediate treatment to prevent them from resulting in more serious health problems, including the most common STIs, gonorrhoea and chlamydia.

Antibiotics are usually very effective in clearing up these infections within a single course, although more stubborn infections may require longer treatment. Antiviral medications can be used as and when they are required to deal with recurrent outbreaks.

STITreatment.co.uk provides extensive advice and information about STI treatments for some of the most common sexually transmitted infections. All STI treatments on our recommended sites are prescription only, which means that the ordering process involves a consultation that is subject to a registered doctor’s approval.