Warticon is a cream version of Condyline and it contains the active ingredient podophyllotoxin. It is used in the treatment of genital warts and is usually able to provide effective results without requiring prolonged periods of use. After three day’s treatment, most people start noticing results in as little as four weeks.

As it is a prescription genital warts treatment, you will be required to complete an online consultation when you place your order. This is so that our doctor can make sure that Warticon is completely safe for you to use and can provide an accurate prescription. If our consultation is approved for a prescription, one will be issued and sent to you via secure next day delivery.

How does this medication work?

The active ingredient in this genital wart cream, podophyllotoxin, targets genital wart viral cells and kills them. It does this by poisoning the cell nucleus, preventing it from producing more cells. This action results in the viral cells simply dying off without producing any new cells to replace them, which eventually leads to them being replaced by new, healthy skin cells instead.

How do you use Warticon cream?

Before applying Warticon cream, the area of intended application needs to be cleaned with soap and water and gently dried. Also make sure that you wash your hands before applying the cream. Once the area is clean, apply the cream directly to the warts, but only so that they are covered with a thin film. This should be repeated twice a day for three consecutive days.

Are there any side effects Warticon cream?

As treatment with Warticon is brief, it is not likely to cause any serious side effects. It is also less likely to cause any gastro-intestinal effects such as nausea, because it is only used externally. However, some people might be more sensitive to the active ingredients in Warticon and could therefore be more susceptible to developing side effects.

Most of the common side effects caused by this genital warts treatment is luckily very mild and won’t last for too long. This could include irritation or tenderness at the site of application.

If you experience anything more serious, such as an allergic reaction or the above mentioned side effects don’t go away, you should contact a doctor for help straightaway.